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Collaborative Cloud


How the Cloud Helps Companies Compete

Work Management For Business Results

How the Cloud Helps Companies Compete


Without the advantages of the Cloud, companies must consider the intersection of IT, People and Solution capabilities when looking for a technology based business solution. This often leaves a limited “sweet spot” where all three capabilities overlap. In order to go outside the sweet spot, extra work and expense are required:



  • If only IT and People Capabilities overlap, the solution requires customization
  • If only IT and Solution capabilities overlap, then training and process change are required
  • If only People and Solution capabilities overlap, IT enhancements are required.





With Cloud based infrastructure, IT capabilities are significantly enhanced. Applications in the Cloud include the latest technology, scale to meet any need, are extremely reliable, and allow for anywhere, anytime access. This means the “Sweet Spot” for business solutions is much bigger, letting businesses make enhancements and increase competitive advantage.